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Fisker’s EMotion to Make Its Debut at CES 2018

Automotive designer and entrepreneur Henrik Fisker has confirmed the debut date for its all new $129,000 EMotion electric luxury sport sedan. The Tesla competitor will debut the EMotion at CES 2018, as reported by TheStreet.

EMotion Electric Sports Sedan
Image: Fisker Inc.
In June, the company had first time tweeted about the car, and later posted a series of tweets regarding the EMotion, and yesterday it tweeted the final date of the unveiling of the car. It is definitely going to create a decent competition for Tesla Model 3 and Faraday Future FF 91.
Fisker Inc. has already hinted some of EMotion's specs that will be showcased in the CES 2018 such as energy density battery pack, carbon-fiber and aluminum material, 125 mile charging capacity, LIDAR technology that is still under development and 125 mile charging capacity.

Fisker's EMotion
Image: Fisker Inc.
Regarding the reports of competition and being labeled as a "Tesla killer," Fisker told in the interview, "I don't think anyone is out to kill anybody. Tesla doesn't really have a competitor. It doesn't look like one is going to emerge. I think it's time to move to a next level of this technology and I believe that we have come up with some real breakthroughs."

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