AirDroid Announces New App – AirMirror by AirDroid

AirDroid, the popular cross-screen and cross-OS productivity manager, today announced AirMirror by AirDroid, its new app for mobile remote access. This new app brings its signature remote control feature to mobile devices to maximize users’ mobility following the strong growth in the demand for mobilization.

The key features of AirMirror include cross-device remote access and inter-OS full remote control capabilities. It starts to roll-out on Google Play for Android today (20:00 PST, 18th May), while it should be 100% released by 20th May (PST). The app has also already been submitted to App Store for review.

AirMirror is a mobile client extension of AirDroid that enables users to control multiple Android devices from any iOS or Android device. The new app uses improved remote control technology to provide smoother and higher-quality remote operation that works even when one’s on the move with the insufficient internet.

AirMirror Remote Support

AirMirror makes Android devices at home extended screens of the iOS or Android devices in the user’s hand. At the same time, its user-friendly interface with the easy-to-manage Device List ensures that switching between devices is easier than ever before. Also, gesture and quick access features of Android devices are translated into hassle-free buttons including Unlock, Volume, Rotate, and Swipe.

To get started, users only need to download AirMirror on a client device to remote control devices running the latest version of AirDroid. After logging into the same account on both AirMirror and AirDroid, users can choose from root or non-root setup to grant permissions for remote access.

AirMirror Remote Management

With just a few clicks, users will hold the power to manage multiple devices through only the one in their hand. The new app supports iOS 9.0 and later as well as Android 4.0 and above version. It comes with 200MB complimentary data and two devices for free with one account.

AirMirror by AirDroid maximizes productivity while minimizing operational costs. Professionals can manage multiple tasks all on one device, and individuals can turn remote devices into monitors to improve home security. Moreover, technicians can utilise the app to provide technical device support whenever required remotely via AirMirror.

AFK Gaming From Another Device

By answering the demand for bridging mobile devices, AirMirror by AirDroid marks our commitment to help users in this mobilization era. While the app is under review in App Store, it will be available at Google play to all regions in the following days.

Alternatively, the .apk is available immediately at


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