Battlefield 1, In the Name of the Tsar DLC is Free for a Limited Time

Battlefield 1 second DLC
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As expected, EA has now made Battlefield 1 second DLC ‘In the Name of the Tsar’ free for a limited time for its users. The first DLC of the Battlefield 1 ‘They Shall Not Pass’ was made available earlier this month.

And now it’s time for you to try the second DLC for free. However, we are not sure that EA will also allow users to save the free downloaded DLC as it had previously done with the first expansion pack for the Battlefield 1.

The Battlefield 1 second DLC ‘In the Name of the Tsar’ brings several new additions to the game, the first being is the new Game Mode with Supply Drop, 6 new multiplayer maps including, Tsaritsyn, Volga River, Lupkow Pass, Albion, Galicia and Brusilov Keep.

It also brings 11 new unlockable weapons including the Mosin-Nagant M91, together with new melee weapons and the new Russian Standard 1912 grenade.

It’s worth mentioning here that Battlefield 1 second DLC ‘In the Name of the Tsar’ usually cost $14.99 which you can grab now for free. Also, there is still 7 more days to go before the offer ends, so hurry if you want to grab the Battlefield 1 ‘In the Name of the Tsar’ DLC for free.


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