Battlefield 5 Confirms The Inclusion of Two Currencies

Battlefield 5

EA has confirmed that they will set up two in-game currencies in the upcoming Battlefield 5. The names of these two currencies have not been announced, but their functions must be familiar to all of you.

The news came from VG247 citing the report of Polygon, besides the two in-game currencies also mentioned that “Battlefield V” won’t have loot boxes.

The first in-game currency can be obtained through daily games, and the other high-end currency requires players to come up with “real money” to buy. This type of premium currency will be used to purchase cosmetic items.

The media VG247 analyzed that setting two currencies is optional for the EA. Another optional method is to set only one game currency but allows players to acquire both through purchase and normal games. Ultimately EA still chose to set up two game currencies.

It is not yet clear whether the free currency obtained through the game can purchase the same cosmetic items as the high-level currency. The currency usage of Battlefield 5 and the prices of various items may be disclosed before the sale.

“Battlefield 5” Standard Edition is scheduled to be released on October 19, and the Deluxe Edition of Battlefield 5 will be released on October 16th. The EA member version will be able to play first on October 11th, and the Beta version will be available for pre-order. The game platform includes Xbox One, PS4, PC platform, so stay tuned.


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