Confirmed: Rage 2 Coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4

rage 2 confirmed

After weeks of speculation, rumors, and teasing Bethesda has now officially confirmed Rage 2. The Rage 2 listing can now be seen on the Bethesda website featuring the announce trailer of the game.

Bethesda didn’t share many details about the Rage 2 on its page, but it did share some key details about the upcoming game. The rage 2 will be coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4, the box art image can also be seen below.

rage 2 art box

The first Rage game was released in 2011, developed by id Software. Now the Rage 2 is currently being developed by the Avalanche Studios, the studio responsible for the 2015 open-world Mad Max and open-world Just Cause series.

The rage also twitted the announcement via its official Twitter account.


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