Folding Galaxy X


– The Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X could be launched in January 2019.

– Galaxy S10 Will Come Code Named ‘Beyond’.

– Galaxy S10 Will Include the In-Display Fingerprint Reader and a 3D facial scanner.

Samsung could launch its heavily loaded Galaxy Note 9 earlier next year. Not only the Note 9, Samsung seems to be pushing things up and it could also launch the highly anticipated and rumoured Galaxy S10 and all-new folding Galaxy X smartphones as early as January and the Galaxy X in February 2019.

Some earlier leaked information shared by prolific Korean site The Bell had also suggested that Samsung is in development and could announce its 10th Anniversary Galaxy S10 Code Name ‘Beyond’ earlier next year along with the folding Galaxy X smartphone.

The shared details also throw some key hardware info about the devices. The report claims that the Galaxy S10 will include the in-display fingerprint reader which is also expected to debut in the Galaxy Note 9 as well as a 3D facial scanner – Samsung’s answer to FaceID on the iPhone X.

Furthermore, the Galaxy X is expected to feature no less than three 3.5-inch OLED displays which will be foldable to create an (almost tablet-sized) phone or fold down to leave a device far smaller than most current smartphones.

Well, that’s all for now, there is still time to get an official announcement about these devices. However, we will keep you updated with the latest news about upcoming Galaxy S9, S10, and the Galaxy X smartphones.


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