How to Hide or Remove the Display Notch on OnePlus 6 or Any Android Smartphone Easily

OnePlus 6 Hide Notch

I really don’t understand that why the hell every Smartphone manufacturers coming with a display ‘Notch’ on their smartphone when the majority of the Smartphone users doesn’t really like it? Well, as the growing number of smartphone coming with a display ‘Notch’ so many users with a display Notch have already found this as an irritating like thing on their beautiful edge to edge smartphone display.

Well, if you are one who really doesn’t like the idea of having a display Notch then say thanks to the Nacho Notch, an application developed by a member of the XDA Developers forum which brings the ability to hide or remove the display Notch on any Android smartphone including the latest OnePlus 6 smartphone.

Nacho Notch app allows users to hide top display cutouts on their Android smartphones as clamor against the feature starts to mirror adoption rate for devices.

The application simply allows users to decide whether they want the display notch visible on their devices during regular usage or they simply want to hide it.

When active the Nacho Notch app brings the black colors to the status bar when the device is in portrait mode, which effectively makes the Notch invisible. This way users can easily avoid that irritating like thing while watching movies or browsing the internet in portrait mode.

How to Hide or Remove the Display Notch

To hide or remove the Notch on your OnePlus 6 or any other Android smartphone simply go to the Nacho Notch link above and then download and install the app on your phone. Now bring the status bar just by swapping it down on the home screen.

Now tap on the Pencil option to expand or edit the status bar and now tap on the Hide Notch option and drag the “Hide Notch” to the active area that’s it. Now to hide or remove the Notch simply tap on the Hide Notch option from the status bar and you will see that the Notch is effectively got hidden or removed. You can also watch video guide below to better understand the process.

However, the Nacho Notch app doesn’t really remove the Notch but it colors the status bar black when the device is in portrait mode, allowing users to effectively ignore it.

How to Get Rounded Corners

The Nacho Notch app also has an option to enable the rounded corners on your phone’s display. To enable it simply bring the status bar down and tap on the Hide Notch option at the status bar up on the top now tap on the option which says Touch for settings.

Now on the next screen, you will see two option ‘Enable Launcher Activity‘ and the ‘Enable Rounded Corners.’ Now to simply enable it, just tap on the enable rounded corners option and now you have rounded corners on your phone’s display.

I think the option of hiding the display Notch is a must have and smartphone manufacturers should offer this option by default on their devices.

What you think do like the Notch on your smartphone display? do let me know what you think in the comments section down below.


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