Hunt: Showdown First Major Update Brings New Weapons, Features, Bug Fixes and More

Showdown Early Access content update
Image via Steamcommunity

Crytek the publisher of the Hunt: Showdown game has released its first major game update, bringing the new weapons including 5 new sniper rifles, 2 tactical grenades (Flash Bomb, Poison Bomb). The patch update also brings 12 new Traits and 11 new Hunter outfits.

With the update, players will also be getting 4000$ to their accounts as compensation for tackling the issues such as disconnects, crashes and the loss of hunters.

The Key Highlights of the Hunt: Showdown First Update as Follows

  • 5 weapons with sniper scopes for long, medium and short-range
  • 2 tactical grenades (Flash Bomb, Poison Bomb)
  • 12 new Traits
  • 11 new Hunter outfits
  • Improved map readability and changes to level architecture in boss areas
  • Fall damage
  • Inventory slot refactoring
  • Rebalanced player footstep audio
  • Updated Bloodline screen

About Hunt: Showdown

If you haven’t been following the game in the past then just let me tell you a title bit about the game. Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer horror game developed by former Crysis game developer Crytek. In the gameplay, you are part of the rugged bounty hunters who fight to hunt down Savage, nightmarish and monsters in the swamps of Louisiana.

Hunt: Showdown Trailer

Hunt: Showdown’s gameplay also mixes PvP and PvE elements that create a uniquely tense experience. The game is yet to find a final release date.

The full content update has a huge list of changes, additions, and bug fixes. If you want to go through every detail, you can check out the patch notes for Content Update 1 right here.


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