Here are some insights on Indian Consumer Internet Industry

Online Grocery: The online grocery market is expected to grow at 71% CAGR to become USD 5 billion by 2020

Online grocery is expected to become USD 5 bn by 2020 driven by favourable demographics and adoption. The rising infrastructure investment is done by the vertical players in expanding their warehouses and delivery infrastructure is helping them serve customers better. Increasing smartphone penetration and the comfort of shopping online is also playing a key role in increasing the adoption. The online grocery market is hence expected to see a tremendous growth in the years to come.

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Home Decor: Online furniture store has become one of the prominent selection among all categories of customers

The Indian consumers looking for interior designing services are majorly classified into four categories. Online furniture stores have become one of the prominent selection among all types of customers. Quality Seekers and Customization Seekers are the key customer type on which the online home décor players focus on.

Milk Delivery: The online milk delivery players are relying on the frequency of milk purchase to get consumers habituated with their services

The online milk delivery business is growing fast in India. The Indian consumers spend more than Rs. 1000 per month on milk and purchase it almost daily. The margins earned on milk are low, online milk delivery players are hence planning to push other high margin categories once the consumer gets habituated with them.

Online Beauty: 65% of the customers know which product and which brand to buy while purchasing the beauty and personal care products

About 2/3rd of the consumers of beauty products know which brand and which product they want to buy. The online beauty players who able to bring in international/national brands and get them delivered to such consumers are hence seeing rapid adoption. The online beauty market grew by 70% in the last one year and we expect it to continue the growth trajectory.

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