Intel Xeon E-2124
Image: guru3d

Intel has Introduced 10 new Coffee Lake Xeon processors, under its Xeon E-series lineup. These are entry-level server Xeon E CPUs are based on Coffee Lake structure for LGA 1151 socket for Mobile devices. Intel announced its 10 new Intel Xeon E entry-level server CPUs in a recent podcast.

Intel’s new Xeon E processors include Intel Xeon E-2124, Intel Xeon E-2124G, and more. The full list can be seen below of Intel Xeon E CPUs based on Coffee Lake for LGA 1151 socket that will be rolling out soon.

Intel Xeon E based on Coffee Lake for Socket LGA 1151

Intel Xeon E-2124 SR3WQ
Intel Xeon E-2124G SR3WL
Intel Xeon E-2126G SR3WU
Intel Xeon E-2134 SR3WP
Intel Xeon E-2136 SR3WW
Intel Xeon E-2144G SR3WM
Intel Xeon E-2146G SR3WT
Intel Xeon E-2174G SR3WN
Intel Xeon E-2176G SR3WS
Intel Xeon E-2186G SR3WR

However, Intel didn’t reveal any specs details about theses Chips but it is expected that the Xeon E-2124 will come with 4 cores/ 4 threads with a base clock of 3.4 GHz that can boost up to 4.5 GHz.

While the Xeon E-2176G could feature 6 cores/12 threads with a base clock of 3.7 that boost up to 4.7 GH similar to Core i7-8700K. However, the Xeon E-2186G will be fastest one of these Intel Xeon E CPUs.