iOS 12 Will Allow Users to Unlock Doors Using NFC on Their iPhone

iOS 12 NFC Door Unlock

In coming weeks iPhone users might be able to Unlock Doors using NFC on their iPhone devices. Apple is supposed to announce its next major update of iOS 12 at WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) next month.

The Cupertino based company is expected to expand the NFC functionalities with its next major iOS 12 updates which will allow iPhone users to unlock the Doors via NFC, which was only limited to the mobile payments till date.

The new functionality in iOS 12 will allow the NFC chip inside the iPhone to unlock supported doors. Apple will be holding its next WWDC event next month where it is expected to introduce the new NFC features as part of the unveiling of iOS 12.

This new functionality was first reported by ‘The Information’ nearly four years ago that Apple is working on a new functionality to expand the NFC capabilities on its iPhone devices in collaboration with its own security vendor HID Global.


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