Leaked Illustrations of Android P Beta Suggest a Notchless Google Pixel 3 Device

Google Pixel 3 Notchless Display
Image Ben Geskin

Like every other smartphone manufacturers are coming with a display ‘Notch’ these days, Google’s next flagship the Pixel 3 was also supposed to be coming with a Notch until now. Various earlier rumors have suggested that the Google’s next device, which of course going be the Google Pixel 3 would be coming with a Display ‘Notch’ but what we have got today is a leaked illustration of Android P beta which clearly indicates that the Pixel 3 will not include a Notch and will have a ‘Notchless Display’ and a refined gesture controls.

As spotted by SlashLeaks, the current Android P beta screenshots appear to have an illustration which illustrates the steps of preventing ringtone on the device and can be accessed by heading to Settings > Sounds > Shortcut to Prevent Ringing. If the above illustration comes to be true, we might be seeing a new Pixel 3 device without a Notch with a full-view display.

Android P beta Illustration

As the illustrated image shows above, there is no ‘Notch’ on anywhere on the display. But if it is true then where goes the front camera then? Maybe Google this time might try to embed the front camera underneath the display but that’s something we haven’t seen on other devices to date.

The other two things Google can try do with the front camera is to ditch the front camera this time, but that makes no sense to me at all, or it might introduce a popup camera similar to the Vivo’s upcoming Vivo Apex smartphone which is also said to be coming with a pop-up camera for taking the selfie.

As we can see in the image, the device has been shown with a full-view display and there nothing showing up on the display.

Android P Beta Pixel 3 Notchless

The second illustrated image shows the step of swiping up on the home button to switch apps, swipe up again to see all apps. This works on any screen and takes the place of having an Overview button on the bottom-right of the display.

Well, what comes out finally the time will tell, for now, we can only guess for the next Google pixel device. What do you think about the next pixel device? do let me know in the comments section down below.


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