Netflix Brings New Easy to Use UI Design and Other Features to Its Mobile App

New Netflix Mobile App

The media streaming major Netflix is increasingly becoming the dominant platform for TV and film content, the company has become an integral part of the media consumption for many. This also applies to mobile, because of course, you want to continue on the road with your favourite series. Now a good news for mobile users, as Netflix has redesigned their app.

Because the previous version of the mobile app was not a highlight in terms of user interface and experience. But that changes now because Netflix has updated its app with new features and they are certainly useful.

New Netflix Mobile App user interface

New UI of Netflix Mobile Player
Above all, Netflix has redesigned the player’s user interface. Here you have the previous 30-second-back button removed and it has been replaced by a ten-second button. Much like the YouTube mobile app, you can double tap the left or right to jump backwards or forward if you wish.

Also, the position of the play/pause button has been changed and can now be found in the middle of the screen, if you tap it once. So far, it was at lower left. The selection of functional elements such as audio and subtitles, episode selection are now easy with labels.

The last but not the least, a new separate button for “Next Episode”, allows getting to the next episode immediately.


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