Nvidia Releases GeForce Hotfix Driver 397.55, Fixing GTX 1060 Issues

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

After releasing GeForce Game Ready driver (397.31) last week, Nvidia has now released the new GeForce Hotfix driver (version 397.55) claiming to fix the GTX 1060 installation loops issue, where several users with Nvidia GTX 1060 GeForce graphics cards had reported this issues while installing the latest driver (version 397.31).

While installing the GeForce (397.31) driver on their PC, several users caught in an installation loop where the system asked them to restart to complete the installation but after restarting the PC they’re prompted to reinstall the driver again and it went asking them to do the same everytime they tried installing the update.

As a temporary fix to this, several users managed to roll back to the previous version of the driver but some were still facing the issue. One user claims he lost function of his speaker via his monitor HDMI input after attempting to install the 397.31 driver release.

Thankfully, Nvidia addressed the issue and it has now released the GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 397.55.

The latest driver update includes the following fixes.

– After driver installation, Device Manager may report Code 43 error on a few GTX 1060 cards models.
– Netflix playback may occasionally stutter.
– Added support for Microsoft Surface Book notebooks.
– Windows 10: Driver may get removed after PC has been left idle for an extended period of time.

Let us know below if you were affected by the issue and were able to resolve it once and for all with the new driver.


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