OnePlus 6 Android P Beta Now Available: How to Download and Install

Android P on OnePlus 6

The wait is over for OnePlus 6 users wanting to download and upgrade Android P Beta as OnePlus has opened downloads for the same. There was some delay after the launch day of OnePlus 6, but now the download is available from OnePlus.

Google I/O is an annual conference held in order to bring together developers for better technological ideas. At the event, the developer preview was launched and it was said that OnePlus 6 would be among the list of smartphones to receive the Android P in the first phase.

Speaking of this new update, OnePlus recommends an average user to keep using Android Oreo and avoid downloading the Android P update considering it’s a developer kind of thing and it is likely to have bugs.

The developer kind of means here that the Android P Beta update is more useful for developers for testing applications and similar stuff. Hence, even if there are bugs and leads to some problem in the phone, software developers with technical knowledge can deal with and rectify the issues.

Certain issues with Android P Beta build listed below
1. VoLTE does not work
2. Compatibility issues of Bluetooth connectivity
3. Wi-Fi SoftAP device manager is not functional
4. Camera slow motion function is unstable
5. Face Unlock function is not available temporarily
6. Widevine L1 Does not work for now

Brand OnePlus known for fast software updates

In a short span of time, One Plus has earned the reputation of being an up to date Android phone and it has been working time to time with Google for releasing their latest update and features. According to Oneplus, their earlier models like OnePlus 5 and 5T were also among the first to receive Android Oreo updates.

How to download Android P Beta update on your OnePlus 6

So folks, if you have finally made up your mind, it’s not rocket science and go this way :
1. First of all, we need to download the latest ROM upgrade package from the specified server on the OnePlus site and copy the ROM upgrade package to smartphone storage.

2. Go to Settings > system updates. On the top right corner icon, tap on local upgrade and then on the installation package. Once there, tap on immediately upgrade.

After following the above-mentioned steps, we need to go into recovery mode and press the power button and choose to shut down. Then, press power button and volume down simultaneously for entering recovery mode.

After that, select the Factory Reset/Wipe data option and click yes for confirming the selection. Finally, we need to Reboot the System. After performing these functions, the Android P file will be downloaded on OnePlus 6. So, all the best to you with Android P Beta and stay tuned for more updates.


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