Why Does The OnePlus 6 Not Support Wireless Charging?

OnePlus 6 Wireless Charging

OnePlus 6 flagship smartphone was launched a few days back, and the response it received went beyond expectations. In India, the OnePlus 6 crossed Rs. 100 crore revenue in just 10 minutes of the first sale. Despite the overwhelming response, the smartphone lacks a basic feature which people expect to be in a flagship device.

I’m talking about the wireless charging in OnePlus 6. Other companies like Apple and Samsung are offering this feature in their high-end devices, that’s why people were expecting OnePlus to come with this feature. But unfortunately, it did not happen.

The lack of wireless charging feature in OnePlus 6 became the hot topic for discussion and even Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus had to give clarification on it.

I saw some people talk about wireless charging, and wanted to add some thoughts to the conversation. Wireless charging is an exciting concept that’s matured a lot over the last few years. But given the current state of this technology, Dash Charge is still the superior choice.

However, the Xiaomi MIX 2S does support the wireless charging. But as the Pete Lau said that wireless charging is a good feature, but it is not a must.

Citing the reasons he said that the charging speed is much slower on wireless than that of the cable. The wireless charging needs the wireless charging board which is purchased separately, this undoubtedly reduces the usage rate of wireless charging.

More importantly, the OnePlus 6 still equipped with Dash charging technology which is the best fast charging technology on smartphones. Even if the handset is heavily used (such as playing games), Dash flash charge can be charged at full speed, and it will not heat up.

Dash Charge stays cool and power efficient. All you need is the Dash Charge cable and adaptor to consistently power your device.

Another drawback of the wireless charging is that you can’t pick up your phone to game or take a photo while charging because your phone needs to be down on the charging surface and charge. So wireless charging brings more limitations than freedom.

Finally, he said:

We considered bringing this technology onboard, but we chose not to. Because it comes down to whether the solution actually brings a better experience. We’ll consider adopting the wireless charging technology when the time is right. Until then, we’ll stick to Dash Charge.

So, if you are among those who were not going for the OnePlus 6 just because it lacks wireless charging then you must think again. Just let us know in the comments below what you guy now think.


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