OnePlus 6 First Major Update Brings May Security Patch and the Ability to Remove the Notch

OnePlus 6 First Update

Just after a week of its launch, OnePlus 6 has just started receiving its first major software update. The OnePlus first major update includes May security patch. Another OnePlus 6 major update brings the ability to remove the Display Notch. The OnePlus users are definitely going to appreciate this new ability who really don’t like a Notch on their OnePlus 6 device.

OnePlus has also brought ‘OnePlus Switch’ an Android application for the OnePlus device, which helps you quickly migrate your contacts, text messages, photos, and other data from your previous phone to a OnePlus phone.

OnePlus Switch
Image OnePlus

The app can also be used to keep the backup of your OnePlus phone data as a compressed archive. Other significant changes the update brings is the camera improvements, which now adds the support for slow-motion video recording at 480FPS for 720p video resolution and 240FPS for 1080p resolution.

Additionally, the camera app on the OnePlus 6 has also received the quick capture support in portrait mode.

The Quick capture allows you to take photos quickly without opening the camera app itself. Just double tap the power button and your phone will launch the camera and you are good to go with taking photos with your OnePlus 6.

Now with the new patch update, you might also get few more option in the Gallery application for recently deleted files. May the new option could allow you to recover your accidentally deleted files from the Photo Gallery App.


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