STALKER 2 is in Development, Dev GSC Game World Confirmed, But Won’t Come Anytime Soon

STALKER 2 Announced

STALKER 2 is in Development. The developer GSC Game World has now officially confirmed that a full sequel of the Stalker game is in development. A large size banner can be seen on the official GSC Game World website along with a direct link to the Stalker 2 website ( The site shows a dark concrete background with “S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2” and “” written on it.

If it is to believe, we might not be getting the Stalker 2 game up until 2021.

STALKER is based on the Russian novel Roadside Picnic and movie Stalker (1979)and is set in an alternate reality where a second nuclear disaster took place in Chernobyl.

The first STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl game was launched back in 2007, by 2008 it has sold more than three million copies of the game worldwide. Then its got the prequel subtitled Clear Sky in 2008 and a follow-up subtitled Call of Pripyat in 2010.

Renowned for its complex AI open world gameplay and a unique feeling of danger, horror, and survival in nuclear disaster zones, the popularity of Stalker has never really faded over the last 11 years.

Have you played any of the Stalker franchise? do let me know in the comments section down below.



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