Uninstall System Apps From Redmi, Mi Phones

Some smartphones come with Stock Android UI, but as far as Redmi/Mi phones are concerned they run on MIUI skin which is not stock but offers a much cleaner interface. The problem with every Android phone is that they come with some basic apps pre-installed in it called the system apps.

These are also called Debloater/Carrier/OEM Bloatware applications like Google Play Movies, Google Play Music, Google Duo, Hangouts, etc. However, these are not necessary for everyone. It’s also difficult to disable or remove some of these pre-installed system applications.

So, for those who want to uninstall system apps from their phone need to root their phone which requires some technical information and also involves a risk factor. But if you own a Redmi phone here you’ll find the process to disable the system apps without rooting.

So let’s start the tutorial to show you how to uninstall these apps without rooting.

⏩ Prerequisites :

(I am using Solid Explorer instead of APK Inspector. You also can use other similar apps which can detect your apk package name.)
Uninstalling some system applications can be very dangerous so please know what you’re getting rid of before you complete these steps, as I don’t take any responsibility if you do anything wrong in this process or for breaking any existing features of your phone.

1. To unlock bootloader for your device please follow this guide – (Click Here!).
2. Configure ADB in your PC. Download ADB and extract it to any folder in your PC.

ADB.zip (4.49 MB, Downloads: 33)).

3. Install the USB drivers (Skip if you already installed).

⏩ Steps to Find APK Package Name :
1. Open Solid Explorer.
2. Tap on three dash (or lines) as shown in the screenshot.
3. Go to “Applications

Solid Explorer.
Courtesy: Mi Community

4. Go to “System Apps“.
5. Find your app which you want to uninstall. (In this guide I will uninstall Google Play Music).
6. Tap on your app.
7. There you can see the package name of your app.

System Apps
Courtesy: Mi Community

⏩ Steps to Enable USB Debugging:

1. Open “Settings“.
2. Go to “About phone“.
3. Tap on “MIUI version” 6-7 times.

Enable USB Debugging
Courtesy: Mi Community

4. Now from “Settings” go to “Additional settings“.
5. Then go to “Developer options“.

Developer options
Courtesy: Mi Community

6. Enable “USB Debugging” from here.
7. Tap on “OK“.

USB Debugging
Courtesy: Mi Community

⏩ How to Uninstall System Apps Without Root :

1. Open the folder of ADB in your PC.
2. Click on the address/location bar as shown in the screenshot.
3. Type “CMD” and hit ENTER key from your keyboard.

CMD Command
Courtesy: Mi Community

4. Connect your Xiaomi phone to PC via original Mi USB Cable.
5. You will see that the system is starting the ADB daemon. If this is your first time running ADB, you will see a prompt on your phone asking you to authorize a connection with the computer. Grant it!
6. Now enter the following command in the command prompt window which will show the serial number of your device and status of the connection.

adb devices

adb devices

7. Start ADB shell using the following command.

adb shell

adb Shell

8. Execute the following command (without quotes) to uninstall a specific system application.

pm uninstall -k --user 0 "package_name"

eg. for Google Play Music

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.google.android.music


9. After that we need to exit the adb shell using the exit command, enter the command as shown below and hit enter.


Important Notice
If something does go wrong, you can always perform a factory reset to bring things back to the way they were. You should know that, these uninstalled system applications can be restored after a factory reset.