Huawei Cloud PC Will Bring Windows 10 to P20 And Other Android Smartphones

Huawei Cloud PC

At the CES Asia 2018, Chinese tech major Huawei introduced the new “Cloud PC” app that in combination with Huawei Desktop Protocol (HDP) will transform an Android smartphone into a PC with full Windows 10. Photo and video preview.

Currently, the Huawei Cloud PC solution will run on Huawei P20 and other high-end handsets from the Chinese manufacturer.

According to Huawei, the operating system of the handsets will still remain Android. However, the solution will enable users to be able to access the Windows 10 desktop on their smartphone screen or on an external monitor connected via USB-C.

The user interface displayed on the screen is the same as we are already accustomed to seeing on the Microsoft system. The change is a series of adaptations implemented through a Huawei application. Therefore, system programs can also be accessed by your smartphone.

According to Huawei, the intention is to promote greater integration between their handsets and Windows 10 that is used in work environments:

Windows 10 on smartphones will not function as a replacement for the Android operating system but will be a cloud-based service in which Android will still be the primary operating system. Users will have access to all the features of Windows 10 while on the go without needing a new device.


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