LEGO AR City uses ARKit 2
Courtesy: Apple

Apple at its annual developer conference WWDC 2018 announced the new version of its platform, iOS 12.

According to Apple, iOS 12 is performance-based and has the ability to run applications 40% faster, with a 50% more agile keyboard. Even the camera can achieve a speed 70% higher than the previous edition of the platform.

Increased performance was possible due to CPU tweaks to run at high speed when loaded.

One of the main features of iOS 12 is augmented reality. In partnership with Pixar, Apple has created a new file format called USDZ. It should be used for various functionalities. One of them is Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform – another “Apple” partner.

ARKit 2

At the event, Apple introduced ARKit 2. With the augmented reality creation tool, users will be able to have more face detection capabilities and 3D objects. As an example, it is possible to insert Lego-shaped objects into a scenario.

Apple said that “ARKit 2 allows developers to integrate shared experiences, persistent AR experiences tied to a specific location, object detection and image tracking to make AR apps even more dynamic.”

This is the third major release since the first ARKit was shipped last fall. It’s a powerful tool that enables developers to create AR experiences that change the way iOS users see the world in both fun and productive ways.

Measure App in iOS 12

Another novelty of the Cupertino giant is the Measure application in iOS 12, available for iPhone and iPad. It uses AR for making measurements of any object found by the camera of the device. It automatically provides the dimensions of objects like picture frames, posters and signs.