Windows 10 Redstone 5

A new Windows 10 ‘Redstone 5’ Build 17692 has been released by Microsoft for users enrolled in the Windows Insider program. The new build has number 17692 and features interesting keyboard enhancements, Game Bar updates, and other features.

Microsoft writes about the new build that SwiftKey Intelligence comes to Windows,” offering more accurate autocorrections and predictions by learning your writing style. The company concludes by confirming that this is the definitive SwitfKey keyboard: “It is already available for Android and iOS, and from today’s build, SwitftKey will now provide the typing experience in Windows using the touch keyboard.”

In addition to the arrival of SwitfKey, the company also offers video and music control for sites running on Microsoft Edge. A user can now turn off automatic media playback for random audios to appear in the middle of the game or play.

Game Bar Improvements

The Windows 10 Game Bar has also become more accurate and packed with new features with the arrival of Redstone 5. Players can now modify the default audio settings, adjust the volume of the game and running applications, and change the audio output ( and can change to headphones, external sound box or speakers of the PC/notebook itself). It is also possible to check the frame rate (FPS) in addition to recording the CPU, GPU and RAM consumption by the game.

Performance visualizations
Courtesy: Windows Blog

New options are also available for Game Mode in Windows 10, which will enhance the PC gameplay experience. Players with many background processes will be able to see their computer’s performance optimize performance with the new “Dedicate resources” in Game bar.

Improvements to the search for downloaded files remains Microsoft’s priority, as well as some new features implemented for the Windows Mixed Reality. The system also received several enhancements for ease of access; it is now easier for users to make the text larger, activate the narrator or auto-read, select Scan Mode and other enhancements.

As expected, optimization errors and interface bugs have also been fixed with the arrival of the new version 17692. If you are subscribed to the Windows Insider program, just upgrade your notebook or computer right now and take advantage of the build improvements.