Nokia 5G

Nokia has announced that it has successfully completed an end-to-end 5G New Radio (5G NR) data call in China. This 5G NR data call was done in partnership with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The 3GPP-compliant dual connectivity call was performed through 5G enabled system OTA (over-the-air) on the 3.5GHz frequency band and LTE in the 2.1 GHz frequency band. The whole process was supported by a 5G user equipment simulator provided by PRISMA Telecom Testing.

This dual connectivity will enable the existing 4G operators to quickly create 5G coverage and services by connecting 5G NR to a 4G radio that is connected to an existing Cloud Packet Core. Commercial deployment of 5G connectivity in China is proposed by 2010.

It’s also said that China will be one of the first adopters of 5G opening new possibilities for consumers and industries alike. Some of the features of 5G connectivity include super-fast downloads of HD videos in seconds and new virtual reality experiences will be made possible.

Marc Rouanne, president of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: 

We are pleased to showcase our end-to-end capabilities in 5G in this successful call and trial with MIIT. Nokia is ready to support dual connectivity with the AirScale radio access portfolio as it is upgradeable via software to 5G and provides single RAN support for 4G, 4.5G Pro and 4.9G as well as legacy technologies. As a result, we can help our customers meet their early 5G deployment schedules and initial coverage demands.


Enrico Bendinelli, President of PRISMA Telecom Testing, said:

We are excited about this successful collaboration with Nokia, which lays a fundamental stepping stone in the evolution of 5G. PRISMA Telecom Testing is a key global player in the Radio Access Network testing arena, capable of supporting all 3GPP mobile technologies. With our activities currently spanning from R&D to technology integration and field trials we support our customers through all development stages of the new 5G standard.