Arena of Valor

The jungle in Arena of Valor is often ignored by newer players. This puts them at a massive disadvantage when playing against a team that is more willing to exploit this versatile and powerful resource.

One thing to remember is that the Punish talent is a must-have tool in any jungler’s toolkit.

Here’s what you’re missing out on if you prefer sticking to the lanes in Arena of Valor.


First, and most obvious, is the wealth of gold and experience that hides in the jungle, waiting for a hero to come by and farm it.

Killing monsters in the jungle is obviously your first priority as a jungler. Make it a point to time the clearing of camps with an eye on the cooldown of Punish, using it whenever possible to increase your clear speed, and so your character’s progression.

Once you’re a bit stronger, ignore the smaller camps in favour of the harder ones, to get your ultimate ability faster. Once you have this, you can move on to the next step when you see an opportunity.


The jungle hides you from the prying eyes of the enemy team, most of the time. Use this to your advantage. Once you have your ultimate, coordinate a gank with your teammates in whichever lane is most ideal, to secure kills on the enemy.

This is a crucial part of the jungler’s role in the early to mid-game. It’ll accelerate your hero’s progress, and your team’s, while slowing down the enemy.

Once you’ve secured a kill, don’t forget to apply pressure to objectives like the towers. There’s no better time to push than when the enemy is dead or far away.

Arena of Valor

Steal from the Enemy

If there’s a jungler on the opposing team, which you’ll know fairly early if you keep an eye on the minimap and the laning setup, you have the opportunity to make the game harder for them.

You can do this, most easily, by going over to their side of the map and clearing camps before they get the chance to. This denies them gold, experience, and the buffs that come from killing the jungle monsters.

You could also coordinate a gank on them fairly early with a little communication and teamwork, and set them back in terms of gold, experience, and map presence.

Buffs Galore

As a jungler, or generally as an AoV player, make it a point to familiarise yourself with the buffs that different jungle monsters provide for you and your team.

Timing your farming of the jungle to secure these buffs for your team might tip fights in your favor, and will undoubtedly be game-changing if you play your cards right.

The best way to do this, besides looking up guides online, is to play a few bot matches and head to the jungle. Kill the monsters and make sure to take note of the buffs you and your team gain from killing each camp.

A good jungler can strike fear in the enemy team by introducing uncertainty to the game. So buy that Hunter’s Crossbow, slot in the Punish talent, and go ham!