Useful MIUI Features

MIUI is Xiaomi’s own skin that runs on the Android operating system. The popularity of Xiaomi devices not only depends on the hardware but also on software. Here we are giving some useful tips for MIUI which people generally don’t know.

MIUI skin is fast and user-friendly giving the option to customise the device with our own choices and preferences. Let’s move ahead and check some of the useful features of MIUI.

  • How to Clear Cache when your device is Locked?

Sometimes to prevent our smartphones from running slow we use clear cache option so that it releases some of the space and also improve battery health also. MIUI users use the MIUI Security App for clearing those cache files more frequently. But do you know that you can clear your device’s cache even when your device is locked? Just check the smart solution for the below.

1. Open Security App.
2. Tap on Battery.
3. Now in the top right corner, you can observe one Settings symbol. Tap on it once.
MIUI Security setting
Courtesy: Mi Community
4. Now you will observe an option “Clear Cache when Device is locked”.
5. You can see the multiple time options so that you can set according to your preferences.
Clear cache in MIUI
Courtesy: Mi Community
Now every time you lock your device and if you forgot to clear cache before locking your device this feature will help you to clear cache automatically.
Cool isn’t??


  • Turn OFF Mobile Data when Device is locked
Saving mobile data is one of the major concerns for people. But how to save data when the mobile is locked. Here is the cool solution.
1. Follow the above first three steps used for clearing cache.
2. Now tap on Turn off Mobile data when device is locked.
3. Set your time preference. Your mobile data will turn off automatically even when you forget to do so.
  • How to Enable the Developer Mode in MIUI?
To Enable the Developer mode is very easy and simple :
1. Tap on settings About phone
2. Now tap continuously (6-7 times) on MIUI version unless you released the text “Congratulations Now you are a developer“.
Enable the Developer Mode in MIUI
Courtesy: Mi Community
  • How to Boost Gaming Performance in MIUI?
Boosting game performance in your Xiaomi device is simple. Under the Developer Options click the Force 4x MSAA to enable it. However, it is best for the high-end devices which have a bigger battery and turning on the Force GPU rendering option on may give you smoother, snappier performance in some games
Force 4x MSAA
Courtesy: Mi Community
  • How to add Owner Info on your device?
Adding owner info in Redmi device is a very useful feature and might help you when you lost your device. If you lose your phone and it falls into the right hands, then the owner info will help the person to reach you.

It displays the name & contact number on the lock screen of your Xiaomi device. Check the steps precisely:

  • Tap on Settings > Lock Screen & Password.
  • Scroll down to Get Advance Settings.
  • Tap into Lock Screen owner info
  • Type your info inside the TextBox.
add Owner Info on your device
Courtesy: Mi Community