Will The Model Y Be Tesla’s Fully Autonomous Car

Tesla Model Y

Yesterday, Tesla held the shareholders meeting in the United States. Its founder, Elon Musk also announced many interesting news at the conference, such as the Tesla China factory, Model Y, and the so-called optional “SpaceX” package.

Let’s take a look at Tesla’s China Gigafactory news. Last month, Tesla was found to have registered a company in China. At that time, some people guessed that Tesla was close to building a factory in China. At the shareholders’ meeting yesterday, Tesla said that the company’s Chinese factory will be located in Shanghai and become Tesla’s first factory outside the United States.

The factory will be named “Dreadnought” and, as previously reported, batteries and cars will have assembly lines, but in the early days it may only produce batteries and it will slowly join the Model Y model in the future.

Speaking of Model Y, Tesla released a sketch of Model Y yesterday at the conference. This will be a small SUV model, and it is positioned as an entry model in the same way as Model 3, so users are very much looking forward to it.

But the introductory model doesn’t mean that Model Y won’t have the powerful technology. Musk said: “Model Y doesn’t have any leather material, even if it isn’t on the steering wheel. Of course, it also has a steering wheel.”

Of course, he joked about it, but this sentence left the outside world with a lot of questions. If the Model Y has no steering wheel, it means that it will be a fully automated driving model? Such a model is still not compliant, so how will it go? etc.

When the Model Y goes public, will the automatic driving technology abandon the steering wheel? Do not laugh at Tesla first daydreaming, in fact, General Motors earlier this year had announced that in 2019 will launch a car without a steering wheel.

In addition to the Model Y, there are also a lot of users concerned about the Roadster sports car. Musk said that the Roadster will be the fastest production sports car, with 0 to 100km/h acceleration in 1.9 seconds and cruising range of up to 965 kilometres.


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