Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Oreo 8.0 Issues
Image: Reddit

Yesterday several Mi Box users on Reddit started reporting that their Mi Box 3 has started receiving the latest Android Oreo update confirming that Xiaomi has started updating its two year’s old Mi Box 3 with the latest Android Oreo 8.0 update.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Android Oreo Update Causing Several Issues

However, many users who updated their Mi Box after receiving the OTA notification yesterday on their Mi Box are now reporting that their Mi Box 3 now getting several new issues including ‘No Sound‘ and ‘Black Screen‘ after downloading and installing the Android Oreo 8.0 update on their Mi Box 3.

Some Mi Box users reported that there was ‘No Sound‘ after downloading and installing the Oreo update on the Mi Box.

Another user reported an issue by sharing a short video and saying that ”Oreo Killed Mi” where he shows the Mi Box starting up and then it got stuck with a Black Screen and didn’t start.

Oreo Killed MI from r/AndroidTV


Xiaomi Mi Box 3 Android Oreo 8.0 Solutions

Unfortunately, there is no solid solution to fix these issues. However, some user who faced the issue tried different techniques to fix the ongoing issue on their Mi Box but nothing worked. However, a user reported that he was able to fix the ‘No Sound’ on the Mi Box.

He tried to turn off the Dolby and Surround Sound and rebooted the Mi Box and the sound problem was solved. But the method didn’t work for everyone.

Some other users found the fix for No Sound issue by Disconnecting the HDMI cable for 3 seconds.

Another solution shared on the Reddit suggested that ”Don’t update if you have an AVR” After following the distinction on the Reddit I found a Mix of several issues and solutions users have shared.

However, one major thing which is suspected to be causing all these problems is the HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), which many of the users are facing at the moment. Unfortunately, there are no fixes so far for all these merging issues.

If you want to join the discussion on the latest Mi Box Android Oreo issues then you can head over to the Reddit discussion page here.

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