2018 iPhone Might Come With Dual-SIM Support, With inbuilt Apple SIM

2018 iphone
  • Apple might launch two of the three 2018 iPhone handsets with dual-SIM support
  • It may choose to include the Apple SIM the same found in the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 4G

A few months ago we heard rumours that Apple could launch, for the first time in its line of smartphones, models with dual-SIM support. Many remain sceptical about this possibility, however, recent information from the Chinese website 21st Century Business Herald has just reiterated the rumour.

According to the publication, two of three 2018 iPhone models should hit the market with dual-SIM support, however, one of the cards would non-removable. That is, the Cupertino giant may choose to include the Apple SIM (the same found in the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 4G) on the devices.

Despite the great news, the so-called dual-SIM iPhones would be destined for a specific market, maybe China. However, the interesting point to note here is that currently, more than 180 countries support the Apple SIM, but until then, China is not one of them – and that would be another reason to launch this “special” version of iPhone there: take the service to another market.

The Apple SIM was launched in 2014 as a way to make life easier for owners of the iPad 4G, giving them an easy and quick way to set up mobile data plans on their tablets.

Let’s wait and see what Apple brings at the event this September.


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