Cloud-based word processing application, Google Docs, did not have a grammar suggestion function, but the long-awaited feature is finally official. The grammar suggestions feature will initially be applied in G-Suite business accounts, before being extended to all Google Docs users by the end of 2018.

Grammar checking feature has long been available in conventional word processor program, for example, Microsoft Office suite. But Google’s implementation in Docs is somewhat different because it all relies on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, AI ).

This grammar check in Google Docs applies to English. When Docs detects a grammatical error, a blue underline will be added in the sentence to indicate you might want to check it. “You can then right-click to see the suggestion of a repair sentence, or just ignore it.”

“We’re introducing grammar suggestions in Google Docs along with a revamped interface for spelling and grammar review. The new features build on the existing spell check functionality to also highlight possible grammar errors in your text and help you correct them. This will help you spend less time checking and proofreading your work and make your writing easier to understand,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Right now, the new grammar suggestions feature is available as an Early Adopter Program (EAP) .

In addition to Docs, Google is also planning to implement artificial intelligence in other services too. In Gmail, for example, will get Smart Reply and Smart Compose based on AI features that can automatically write back e-mails.