Google is ready to renew even the design of Chrome for desktop, updating it according to the criteria of its Material Theme, similar to what we saw on Android P beta and in the desktop application of Gmail.

The first “hints” of this renewal are present in the latest version Canary (nightly). The interface shows its new look in the tab bar, in the Omnibox which now has rounded edges and in the key that allows access to the profile.

The tab bar is the one that presents the most aesthetic changes, starting from the single tab that now has a less pronounced profile that blends almost with the bar itself. Only when it is selected does one obtain a more distinctive form for each card.

The Omnibox also changes in behaviour. When you start writing inside, a floating window is displayed instead of the traditional drop-down menu. Finally, the profile button is now next to the Omnibox and shows the user’s image.

This new design, as mentioned, is currently only present in the Canary build, is still under development and may, therefore, be susceptible to changes until public release. Anyone who wants to try it can download the build by clicking here.

This version has a separate installation compared to the stable build and therefore does not need to overwrite it. Usually, the Canary builds are the most unstable, so we do not recommend using them as the main browser.