YouTube Go and Google Maps Go, the lighter versions of the apps that we know, will be getting the updates soon with new features, Google announced today.

For YouTube Go, the update will allow users to navigate through videos that have been downloaded from YouTube (.yt format) through the gallery application. Once you choose a video, YouTube Go will open to play it. Before that, users could only find downloaded videos through the YouTube Go app itself.

This will be useful because it will allow users to share videos from the gallery, without having to open the app and delete multiple videos at once. However, you cannot watch the videos through the gallery player, or any other; YouTube Go is still needed for this.

This feature is not yet active, but according to Google, it will be added later this year.

Google Maps Go is getting a step-by-step voice guidance capability, with support for more than 50 languages. You can use the functionality whether you’re travelling by car, by bus or on foot.

However, the feature is not actually available in the app, so users need to download the Google Maps Go Navigation app.

There’s also news for Google Go, the family search application. It is getting the ability to read pages with voice, highlighting every word in the process. The feature will be available in 28 languages in the “coming weeks”.