Create Custom Item Builds in Arena of Valor

Items in Arena of Valor are mainly how you develop your heroes during a match. You kill
Minions, monsters, or enemy heroes to accumulate gold, which you can then spend on items that make your character better at killing minions, monsters, and enemy heroes.

Item progression could be intimidating for newer players but is extremely important in Arena of Valor. So, the developers have been nice enough to include a couple of pre-made recommended builds that help you get your bearings without having to remember too much to begin with.

But once you’re a bit more familiar with the game, you can start tweaking the item builds on your heroes depending on your playstyle.

The ‘how’ of this is fairly simple.

On your home screen, you’ll see a hero tab on the left. This is where you can go to view every hero currently in the game, and get an overview of their strengths and weaknesses, check out their skills, and the lovingly crafted character models.

But, you can also click on the ‘equipment’ button once you’ve selected any given hero and you’ll gain access to the pre-made recommended item builds.

By clicking ‘change’, you can edit the items in the list, and add different ones as you see fit.

It’s also a good idea to take the time to read the item descriptions from this menu, rather than trying to read them during a match, when you probably don’t have enough time to completely absorb this information.

Once you’ve edited the build, you can set it as the default build, which will ensure that you see these items on your quickbuy list in the game, when you’re playing that specific hero.

Clicking on ‘suggested’ in the same menu will show you the three default builds that have been put together by the developers. Glancing through this also tells you what each build is focused around, and what it brings to the table. This will also help you get a better handle on each item’s purpose in the game and how it might change your matches for you.

Settling on a standard item build that works for you is a matter of trial-and-error. Create your own builds and give them a try in a match. After the game, analyze what you did right and what could use some tweaking, and improve your custom builds.

As with any MOBA, there’s no set, static approach to the game, and this holds true for item builds as well. For example, in case your laning stage in the early game is going very badly, it’s completely feasible to abandon your plans and build items that will help you jungle more effectively instead. That way, you stay away from the lane while also still gaining experience and gold, allowing you to make a comeback.

Still, it’s always handy to have your favourite items slotted into the three builds that are available for every hero. It just makes playing the game a lot easier in the long run.