Mobile Phone Radiations
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Almost every one of us are aware of the fact that Mobile Phone radiations are dangerous but mobile phones have become so much integral part of our day to day lives. When we wake up in the morning, I guess the first thing we do is to check our phone and same is the last thing to do before going to sleep. Hence, mid all the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we knowingly ignore the fact that Mobile Phones can prove to be very dangerous for our health.

Hence, avoiding the mobile phone is neither possible nor the solution but we have to find ways and adopt the available ones for using our phones.

The latest reports from experts indicate that the long-term exposure to mobile phone radiations may even have an adverse effect on memory performance of certain regions in brains of adolescents using the phones extensively.

It can be observed these days that most of the people are having memory problems and tend to forget things easily and this could be due to the negative effects of RF Energy.

So what this is RF Energy? Mobile Phones communicate with each other by receiving and sending signals from one tower to another and these signals are a form of electromagnetic radiation called radio frequency energy.

Potential Risks of Mobile Phone Radiations and How to Avoid it

Long-term exposure to mobile phone radiations can cause:

  1. Increases risk of brain cancer
  2. Lowers the sperm counts in males and hence the reduction in fertility
  3. Children’s developing brains are at greatest risk and that is why most of the Doctors and Other medical representatives keep warning to keep the Mobile phones away from small children.

Apart from the above-mentioned risks, the most common problem which we can see nowadays is Irritability and disturbance in personal life.

Too much use of Cell phone can cause serious problems in our family life and which is why most people don’t receive their phone calls after a certain time in a day for example during Lunch or Dinner time with family. Also, few of my friends don’t receive any calls after 10 in the night.

Precautions While Using Your Mobile Phone:

  1. The first and most important thing is to keep the phone away from your body when not in use and this is one thing which the majority of us are not doing.
  2. It is recommended by experts not to use the mobile phone when the network signal is low as Cell phones put extra RF energy for connecting with cell phone towers when the signal is weak.
  3. RF blocking products are not always reliable

Many companies are claiming to sell products that block Radio frequency but in reality, such products may actually increase the exposure.

  1. Using the phone in Airplane mode as much as possible is a wise thing to do as Airplane mode turns off cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Hence, while you are in a moving car or train, your phone puts extra effort to maintain contact with cell towers. So, you can be safe from more RF energy released.
  2. Please don’t sleep with your cell phone near you. Folks, this might look very difficult for those of us expecting important calls but your life is also important your loved ones. Some of us even keep our phone under the pillow.  Don’t play with your life. If it’s too urgent keep it near you in Airplane Mode.
  3. Keep the little smarty away from your head. Keep your little friend away from your head while talking and it is feasible to use Bluetooth speaker and headset while talking because they emit much less RF energy. Hands-free talking with the speaker on is also a wise option.
  4. Remove the handsets when not on call. The little amount of RF energy can also harm you so it is always good to remove the headset when not attending a call.
  5. Use your left ear while talking on cell phone. It is recommended by Doctor’s and experts to use your left ear while talking on the phone as the figural memory is mainly located in the right brain hemisphere and right side of the head. A person being exposed to a mobile phone for a long time may have a negative effect on the memory.

Hence folks, besides the above mentioned, the simple take care can be to keep the phone off often when not in use and also trying alternative communication channels like websites. Moreover, various Medical Associations and Bodies have been sharing valuable information in this regard from time to time.

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