How to Use Studio Lighting Feature in Mi 8/Mi MIX 2S

Studio Lightning Feature
Courtesy: Mi

To enhance the photography experience in its smartphones, Xiaomi introduced the Studio Lighting feature. The feature made its debut on Mi 8 and now available on Mi MIX 2S also.

Many people who have got this feature in their smartphones don’t know how to use it. Some users even can’t find the Studio Lighting in their camera app. So here we giving a small tutorial to use Studio Lighting in Mi 8/ Mi MIX 2S smartphones.

Firstly let me explain what is Studio Lighting in a smartphone?

Studio Lighting is a feature which allows adding some special effect to your photos, which we normally see when we take pictures in any studio. For example, you can use a black background or white in your photo.

How To Use Studio Lighting Effect?

  • First take a picture in portrait mode, using the rear camera. It doesn’t work with the front camera. After taking the picture, open the picture in the gallery. portrait mode
  • You will see a circle (camera shutter button) beside the file name for which this function will work. Click that circle.

  • Now you will see 3 option. Those are Blur Level, Light Trail, Studio Lighting.

Studio Lightning

From here you can use different effects.


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