Jio Phone vs Jio Phone 2

If you ask me that, Which one should I buy between Jio Phone 1 and the new Jio Phone 2? then my answer would be Jio Phone, which was launched a year ago at Rs. 1,500. However, earlier this month at Reliance Industries Limited 41st Annual Global Meeting in Mumbai the company announced several new services including, JioGigaFiber home broadband service, new apps for Jio Phones, Jio Monsoon Hungama offer for all Jio users and of course the Jio Phone 2 which has been announced to be available at Rs. 2,999.

But, there is a question which so many people are confused about that, why and which Jio Phone should I buy between Jio Phone and the new Jio Phone 2?. Another major question is, what are the differences between Jio Phone and the new Jio Phone 2? so just get into the post to know the answer below.

Jio Phone vs Jio Phone 2, Features and Specifications

In terms of specifications and features, there seems to be almost no difference between these two devices. Both of these phones have the same camera, RAM capacity, internal storage, display size, and resolution, as well as battery size. Both of the devices have a dedicated key to trigger the voice assistant.

However, the Jio phone 2 doses have some differences in terms of design, display size and pricing from the older Jio Phone.

The Jio Phone 2 comes with a full-size QWERTY keyboard and 4-way navigation keys, just like you would have seen on an older BlackBerry phone. The Jio Phone 2 also comes with the larger display.

The Big Differences: Jio Phone vs Jio Phone 2

The biggest difference which I think is the higher price of the Jio Phone 2, which is almost double the price of the Jio Phone with no other major differences.

Also, at Rs. 2,999 price point, the Jio Phone 2 doesn’t seem worth buying to me at all. Because I think the Jio Phone 2 price is too high for what it has to offer. So what you are actually getting here by paying an extra Rs. 1490 for the Jio Phone 2 is the bigger body with a larger display nothing else.

The other major highlight of the Jio Phone 2 which was announced at the launch is that the Jio Phone 2 will have the support for Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp applications.

If you don’t already know, then let me tell you that, these apps will also be available for the Jio Phone as well starting from August 15 this year.

Which One Should You Buy?

Now as you that, there aren’t any major differences between both the Jio Phone and The Jio Phone 2. The only difference which I could see is the higher price of the Jio Phone 2 and nothing else.

Jio Phone Exchange Offer
Image: Jio

So, if you are confused about choosing between these two devices then I would suggest you to buy the Jio Phone, because, you are not getting any additional features or hardware specs with the Jio Phone 2 except the bigger design.

If you want, you can now purchase a Jio Phone at just Rs.501 as part the Jio Monsoon Hangama Exchange Offer. With Jio Monsoon Hangama Exchange Offer you can get a new Jio Phone by exchanging any of your old 2G/3G/4G (non-VOLTE) Feature Phones and paying Rs. 501 from your nearest Jio store.

Another Option for You

If you can spend Rs. 2,999 for the Jio Phone 2, then I would suggest you to sepnd some extra bucks and get any lower-priced Android phone instead.

I hope this post will surely help you decide which one you should buy. Do let me know if you are still confused or have any question to ask. Just leave your comments down below.