Leagoo S10

Leagoo, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has teased its upcoming Leagoo S10 smartphone in a short video clip showing the first glims of the smartphone with a Full-View display that would also feature an In-Display Fingerprint scanner and could also become World’s Most Affordable Smartphone with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner. The company also teases that the global-pre sale for the Leagoo S10 will start somewhere in middle October 2018.

Leagoo S10 Features and Specifications

However, Leagoo also shared different specifications, features and pricing of the device, leaving us all to guess the final specifications, features, and the price of the Upcoming Leagoo S10 smartphone. However, the company did confirm the device to be coming with a Full-View Display with Notch, In-Display Fingerprint scanner and Smart AI Engine.

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Image: Leagoo

Leagoo S10 Pricing

There are three price range given for the device starting at $299, as being the lowest price for the device. Second pricing could cost around $399, and the third pricing could cost you around $499, as being the highest price for the Leagoo S10.

However, if the Leagoo S10 comes out with a price tag of $299 the smartphone could become the world’s most affordable smartphone with in-dsplay fingerprint scanner.