In a recent development, LG Electronics filed a new trademark in Mexico at Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial (Institute of Industrial Property) for the LG V90.

Normally a classification is mentioned, which should show that it is a smartphone. With this trademark, however, the classification is left empty. If we look at the original Mexican trademark, we see that the trademark is indeed classified as Class 9, which not only include smartphones but TVs, headsets, AV recorders, and cell phone batteries are all categorized under this class.

However, if this is a smartphone, it could be the successor of the V30/V35, the V40 which is expected this year. The LG V40 is rumoured to come with five cameras, three on the rear and two on the front and is codenamed, Storm.

It is unclear whether this device will be available worldwide or limited to certain regions. But given the high number ‘V90’ it can only become something special.