MIUI 10 Global Beta 8.7.19 Changelog Preview

As promised by MIUI, the MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.7.19 has been released today and is available to download for Redmi 4, Mi Max, Mi Max Prime and several other devices.

However, Redmi Note 5 Pro users will be disappointed to hear that the update for their device has been suspended this week, so they have to wait a bit more.

It’s clearly mentioned that this update is the Beta ROM of MIUI 10 version 8.7.19 and is best suited for early adopters, developers and the tech-savvy users because it’s not stable and might cause a problem in your device.

  • Localization
Fix – Some content is not translated in security. (07-17)

Fix – Cleaner content doesn’t translate to Russian in the file manager. (07-17)


  • Camera (Redmi Note 5 Pro/Redmi Note 5)
Fix – The blur effect disappears after saving photos in the gallery. (07-17)

  • Clock (Mi 5)

    Fix – Clock not showing digits properly sometimes. (07-17)
  • Mi Cloud (Redmi Note 5 Pro/Redmi Note 5)

    Fix – It requests to log in again when you have already logged in while clicking on sync messages from Mi cloud in Messaging. (07-17)
  • Settings
Fix – Security Core Component FC when holding Menu key in “Dual app” search bar. (07-17)
If you think you are good to go then download your device ROM below:
Device & ROMDownload Link
Redmi 4

Recovery ROM 1312M f28fb43d36c2b6dd1d16fcc26d772692
Fastboot ROM 1785M b390231e42ff2f125b5a81747a3dec1aLink
Mi Max
Recovery ROM 1463M 4492aed32b832ca7d4d29f9eb23b7e19Link
Fastboot ROM 1677M b2ba3c220debf334b665894b898c9a2dLink
Mi Max Prime
Recovery ROM 1463M 78b2014d6c46e287a892f1fcd9739839Link
Fastboot ROM 1677M 54f6cead5484ce2c116ea89937f20256http://bigota.d.miui.com/8.7.19/helium_global_images_8.7.19_20180719.0000.00_7.0_global_54f6cead54.tgz
Redmi 4A
Recovery ROM 1317M b56c91dd6aa2be07104e25838fa22094http://bigota.d.miui.com/8.7.19/miui_HM4AGlobal_8.7.19_b56c91dd6a_7.1.zip
Fastboot ROM 1800M 3868fc82f4bad423bfa5535be08bf16cLink
Redmi 5A
Recovery ROM 1282M b16911f9be3ffeb6a85ad89fc1a6aa86Link
Fastboot ROM 1963M 8c38a22d4da99ae5e62793f4de0e0867Link
Redmi Note 4
Recovery ROM 1518M 8439d7a385a4702b19c71c79a54b62e7Link
Fastboot ROM 2002M 4e1ea31c2a3b9c8c12cd9f5f937dee2cLink
Mi Max 2
Recovery ROM 1607M 16e354babe34b7e09aedc8b4a7c7e114http://bigota.d.miui.com/8.7.19/miui_MIMAX2Global_8.7.19_16e354babe_7.1.zip
Fastboot ROM 2118M 89416c4c4da1db1fb7cc61fe2d9aea1dhttp://bigota.d.miui.com/8.7.19/oxygen_global_images_8.7.19_20180719.0000.00_7.1_global_89416c4c4d.tgz
Redmi Y1 Lite
Recovery ROM 1264M b24d14e511b0ff7f2bbac3d5b4c329f8http://bigota.d.miui.com/8.7.19/miui_HMNote5ALITEGlobal_8.7.19_b24d14e511_7.1.zip
Fastboot ROM 1838M e1976d6363f54bfd6187f1ae9c458265Link
Redmi Y1
Recovery ROM 1271M 7da5ba3d68961d850186f1658ee1b968Link
Fastboot ROM 1886M 555e9415648634113f194ad1b1d0bbd3Link
Redmi 5
Recovery ROM 1408M c473e4edf585e6319539a40180708a0bLink
Fastboot ROM 2072M 8d7ad55b66a9734d120aeb82fe686164Link
Redmi Note 5
Recovery ROM 1400M 3db66955e20dbd8f38758a6b321f5d8aLink
Fastboot ROM 2215M f7801e439a97dd6ea820f77d1a3019efLink
Mi MIX 2
Recovery ROM 1642M 01fa0992fdb22d97848529d3521370faLink
Fastboot ROM 2091M aaf09683ccf341de30d3988817e68950Link
Redmi Y2
Recovery ROM 1317M c52b10c11dadc08af0f958a8a26c6503Link
Fastboot ROM 2073M 073683b3dde0dfa2a596c602785a6636Link
Mi 5
Recovery ROM 1417M 7a80214a95c3cc8fc3b9c69e23ef2268Link
Fastboot ROM
Not provided for the time being