LambdaTest Cross Browser Testing Tool

If there has been no need we wouldn’t have been able to innovate amazing things we see today around the world. It was someone who felt a need so much that developed first computer. It was again someone who felt the need and we have cloud computing today which is making it possible to access your enterprise software from any location.

Testing is alone a big responsibility itself. A very important aspect in the successful performance of your application. The problem is to build the right infrastructure and more importantly maintaining it and keeping it updated. Foundation of LambdaTest is also due to one such need.

Let’s try to understand what this platform actually is and what all it can do:

“LambdaTest is a cross browser testing Platform which helps its users to test their website or web applications for cross browser compatibility and responsiveness across all browsers, resolutions and devices.“

Yes, that’s right. That’s how LambdaTest can be defined in the simplest form. But understanding this Platform is much easier than it sounds. We have separate blogs to understand Cross-Browser Testing and Cross-Browser Compatibility. If you are going bonkers on these words please refer to our blog section.


With 2,000+ browsers on cloud, LambdaTest offers features like Real Time testing, Screenshot testing, Responsive testing, Smart UI testing, SSH Tunnel and One click bug logging. The platform has been built very neat and easy to understand.

With a mindset of one for all, LambdaTest covers almost all the browsers users need today with their versions. The table below will give you a good idea of their desktop infra coverage:

Browsers   Operating Systems
List of Browsers Version Range   Windows Apple Mac
Chrome 15 to 68 Windows 10 High Sierra
Edge 17 to 14 Windows 8.1 Sierra
Firefox 4 to 61 Windows 8 El Capitan
Internet Explorer 7 to 11 Windows 7 Yosemite
Opera 20 to 15 Windows XP Mavericks
Safari 5.1 to 11 Mountain Lion
Yandex 15.12 to 17.6 Lion


And a whole range of Mobile devices (Emulators and Simulators)


Real-Time Test: Most important feature and the base of the entire platform. All you need is a URL of your web application or website. Choose the desired configuration and fire up the machine.

The platform will then present you the machine with a browser open and logged on to the URL. All installation and loading required are done in the background. That’s it. It is as easy as opening a URL.

Screenshot: You don’t want to fire up entire machine but wanted a quick screenshot of your application from different browsers before making it Live, Screenshot feature is for you. Take 25 browsers screenshots in a single click chosen in any combination format.

Responsive: 18 Devices with an option of portrait or landscape mode, this feature helps you to check the responsiveness of your website or application. You cannot interact with it in real time because real-time testing is for this. But you can see if your web supplication is going haywire or not in any of the devices and you can fix it before moving to production.

Smart UI testing: One of the most unique features where you can check the Visual regression bugs in your website or web application. How would you know for sure that your website or application is same as you have designed it for?

There are many unnoticed differences Smart UI can locate which might not have been possible for you to identify in general. Make sure that the page you designed before is aligned with your final HTML page.

SSH Tunnel: Check your locally hosted applications on the Virtual Machine securely. Often, when you connect your internet to localhost, your system becomes vulnerable to the threats.

That is why LambdaTest came up with a secure binary tunnel file. Need to download the file and extract it only one time.

LambdaTest Cross Browser Testing

With the below syntax you can connect your tunnel anytime you want and disconnect it when not in use. Since security is a prime concern they have not built an extension to your browsers where other plugins may have access to your application. If you file address is in D drive and lambdaTest folder then the Syntax will be:

D:\lambdatest>LT -user {email ID used to sign up with Lambdatest} -key {key is in settings>>profile}

One-Click Bug Logging: The most appreciated feature in the platform is the One-Click bug Logging. In any test and at any time, if you found a bug you can take a screenshot and push it to your favourite bug tracking tool.

Right now the platform has below following tools integrated: Jira, Asana, Slack, Trello, GitHub, BitBucket, Gitlab & Microsoft VSTS. After the screenshot, they give an amazing feature to highlight the bug and add your comments.

Other Important Features:

Switch: It’s a hassle to switch to other configuration if you have lots of browsers to test. Using switch it is easy to select and launch a different configuration and save a lot of time.

Video recording: Many times there are bugs which you can’t capture in a screenshot as it takes more than one step to reproduce. Using Video recording now you can record the entire session and share it with your developer to fix it.

Dev tools: All the desktop browsers are real browsers and thus they have default dev tools which you can find. For the mobile devices, dev tools are available on the left side of the device. Easy to use and launches quickly.

Defer time: If your website or application has a video in it and takes the same time to load or maybe you want to take the screenshot of the page after few seconds of its launch, then you have the power to defer the screenshot for the desired number of seconds. In screenshot is under Preferences and in Responsive it is easily visible.

In a Snapshot:

LambdaTest ( has been launched with a vision to empower testing and development professionals by bringing all tools, they ever need, under a single umbrella. Right now LambdaTest is live with the manual approach, but soon they are coming up with Functional Automation, performance testing, API testing, Codeless Automation & Security testing.

Having said that, LambdaTest is scoring on his competitors in better UX, performance and scalability. In every two weeks LambdaTest is releasing a new feature and taking one step towards at a time towards their ultimate vision – once ecosystem for all.