Telegram Passport

Telegram has updated its app for Android and iOS to version 4.9 and included a feature called the Telegram Passport for services that require a real-life ID.

Due to the fact that more and more services and applications require user identification through downloading copies of documents, the Telegram messenger has launched a new system for authorizing and storing data called Telegram Passport.

“Meet Telegram Passport – a unified authorization method for services that require personal identification. Upload your documents once, then instantly share your data with services that require real-world ID (finance, ICOs, etc.) Telegram posted on the blog.

Documents will be stored in the Telegram cloud using end-to-end encryption. The company notes that they will not have access to user data, only the recipient can see the documents sent. In the future, all Telegram Passport data is planned to be transferred to the decentralized cloud.

Right now, the online payment service ePayments has started supporting the Telegram Passport.

Telegram admits that over time some services will not need to query the data themselves, relying on the fact that the user account has been verified by Telegram.

Earlier Telegram created the first service for its future TON (Telegram Open Network) platform and tested it in closed mode.

Telegram Passport will be able to collect passports, driver’s licenses, utility bills, bank account certificates and other documents.