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Image: Maruti

Maruti ‘Suzuki Connect’ is a new advanced telematics solution exclusively available for NEXA customers, which provides several advanced features to get a better and more control over their car. Maruti ‘Suzuki Connect’ is newly launched ‘Advanced Telematics Solution’ only available for some of Maruti cars. Suzuki Connect is a subscription-based solution exclusively for NEXA customers through which car owners can use their smartphones to connect to their cars to get a seamless connected car experiences.

Suzuki Connect provides several useful features including, emergency alerts, vehicle tracking, driving behavior analysis, car assistance, and many more functions using the NEXA app installed on their smartphone so car owners can get a delightful car ownership experience.

“Suzuki Connect is an advanced telematics solution developed and tested in India to offer seamless connected car experience to car owners. A nationwide extensive study was conducted to understand the challenges that Indian car owners face daily and their expectations from these solutions. ‘Suzuki Connect’ empowers customers to manage a host of services such as emergency alerts, vehicle tracking, driving behavior analysis, car assistance, and many more functions on their fingertips and create a delightful car ownership experience. Unlike other OBD based telematics solutions available in the market, ‘Suzuki Connect’ is a TCU based solution which is better, safer and more user-friendly,” said Mr. R S Kalsi, Senior Executive Director of Marketing & Sales.

How to Use Suzuki Connect on Your Car?

To use and get the ‘Suzuki Connect‘ set up on the car, customers will have to register for the subscription, which costs Rs 9,999 for a period of three years. Once registered, their car will get connected to a Telematics Control Unit, which will exchange information with a centralized server connected to NEXA customer care using Vodafone India as its network provider.

Now customer needs to install and launch the NEXA app on their smartphone to start using the Suzuki Connect features.

The emergency alerts feature send alerts in case of an accident. The TCU automatically sends an alert to any five user-selected members in case it detects that the airbags in the car have been deployed. The victims family members will receive vehicle details including GPS tracking details during a major road accident.

The vehicle tracking is a preventive functional alert. The TCU will prompt a Maruti Suzuki customer care executive to get in touch with the car owner in case it detects a malfunction in the car around areas including engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, the transaxle, and battery charging.

The driving behavior analysis feature allows the app used to track the vehicle’s position at any given time. There are several other Suzuki Connect features available for users.

However, for now, Suzuki Connect is available exclusively for NEXA customers, which includes, Baleno, Baleno RS,  S-Cross, Ciaz, Ciaz S, and Ignis car models. Also, there is no word that the Suzuki Connect service will be made available for other Maruti cars or not.

If you want you can connect to register for the Suzuki Connect here.