Jio Monsoon Hungama Offer
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Reliance Jio Monsoon Hungama Offer is now effectively open from July 21, where users can exchange their old feature phone for a new Jio Phone at an effective price of Rs 501. But if you don’t know that Where and How to Avail Jio Monsoon Hungama Offer then just follow this post to know how you can the Offer.

How to Avail Jio Monsoon Hungama Offer

To be avail the Jio Monsoon Hungama Offer you will need to exchange any of your old 2G/3G/4G (non-VOLTE) phone by going to your nearest offline retail stores. The old phone must be in a working condition along with the charger.

Also, make sure that the old feature that you are going to exchange is not older than the last three and a half years or January 1, 2015.

You can simply hand over your old feature phone to the retailer in exchange for the new Jio Phone. With the exchanged new phone you will also get a new Jio SIM with Jio Phone.

However, if you want to use your existing number on the Jio network then you can simply go for Mobile Number Portability (MNP). After the Portability completed your Monsoon Hungama offer will be activated.

Where to Go for the Offer?

To avail, the Jio Monsoon Hungama Offer you will need to go to the nearest Jio retail stores in your area. Don’t forget to take your old feature which wants to exchange and also make sure that the phone is in working condition along with its battery and charger.

In addition, you will need to carry your Aadhaar number in order to get the new Jio SIM for the feature phone.

Jio retail stores
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Special Recharge Plan for Jio Phone Users Buying the Jio Phone at Rs 501 on the Exchange

After exchanging your old phone you will have to recharge with Rs. 594 at the time of activation to avail unlimited voice calls and data for six months.

“There are currently 2 JioPhone plans available: Rs 49 and Rs 153. The Rs 49 plan is a kind of trial plan with 1 GB monthly data, whereas our highest selling plan Rs 153 provides 1.5 GB data/day. We realized that there are some users who may want lesser data and therefore must get the plan at a lower price. Hence we are introducing Rs 99 with unlimited free voice, 0.5GB data/day and 300 SMS for 28 days. This will reduce the monthly spends straight away by nearly 50 per cent,” said a Jio spokesperson.

You will also get an additional 6GB of data voucher worth Rs. 101 as a special exchange bonus for exchanging your old Jio phone.

One more important thing, if you are one of them who thinks that exchanging your old feature phone you will get the new Jio Phone 2 then you are wrong.

The offer is to bring users to connect with Jio who still use the old feature phone. So, for exchanging your old Jio phone you will not Jio phone 2 but the Jio Phone.

That’s it, this is how you can avail the offer Monsoon Hungama Offer