Xiaomi Mi A1 Android 8.1 Oreo Roll-Out Suspended Due to SMS Wiping Bug

Yesterday we reported that the Xiaomi Mi A1 has now started receiving Android 8.1 Oreo update citing the report of XDA Developers. Now they’ve further updated the new that Xiaomi has stopped the Android 8.1 release on Mi A1.

The reason Xiaomi pulled the update followed by a series of problems caused to various users. The first one is related to the lack of support for Project Treble, which although promised, was not implemented in the version in question.

In addition, laptop users reported the presence of a bug that completely erases the SMS history when the native app is removed from the recent apps menu.

Another troubling problem, incidentally, is related to SafetyNet, which delivers APIs that allow developers to check whether the device is rooted, has a custom ROM, or contains malware.

We still do not know when the manufacturer will restart the Android 8.1 release on Mi A1, we can only hope that the bugs are fixed and hope that the update will be distributed as soon as possible.

The Mi A1 is Xiaomi’s first Android One based smartphone which promises faster software updates, but this update suspension has disappointed many users.