PC version of the Burnout Paradise Remastered
Image: EA

Burnout Paradise was one of my favorites open-world racing game. I wonder, how many of you would have played this game when it first came out way back in 2018 on PC?. However, the first remastered version of the game landed earlier this years in March on Xbox One, PS4 while the PC version was kept under wrap to be launched on a later date.

The good news is EA has now finally decided to launch the Burnout Paradise Remastered Version on PC. Burnout Paradise Remastered will be launched on August 21.

Players on Origin with original Burnout game will be able to grab a 75% discount when purchasing the remaster.

However, the full remastered version of the game on PC is now available for Origin Access Premier subscribers. On the other hand, Origin Access basic subscribers can play the game out for 10-hours.


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