Dell Launches Refreshed Alienware Desktops With NVIDIA’s New GeForce RTX GPUs

Aurora tower and Area 51 desktop PCs
Image: Dell

At Gamescom today, Nvidia made several new announcements including its new range of graphics cards for PCs OMEs. However, Dell was so quick being the first to announced its new refreshed NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX GPUs powered Alienware Aurora tower and Area 51 desktop PCs which will boast NVIDIA’s new GeForce RTX GPUs.

However, you shouldn’t expect any design changes here for both the PCs, as both these two PCs have only got the new powerful cards. Dell says the refreshed version will be able to tackle 8K and 12K gaming.

Both the new Alienware Aurora tower and Area 51 desktop PCs will be available for pre-order starting from September. There are no pricing details as yet.


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