Huawei P20 Pro GPU Turbo Update
Image: Huawei

Last month Huawei announced its GPU Turbo update for its Android devices and Huawei P20 Pro was one of the top models to receive the GPU Turbo Update. Some of Huawei’s recently launched smartphone including the Huawei Nova 3, Nova 3i and Honor Note 10 already has the latest GPU Turbo update.

The new GPU Turbo technology claims to be providing massive increases in the graphics performance by 60% as well as reduce the power consumption by 30%. Now the GUP Turbo has finally received by Huawei P20 Pro in Garmany.

The user via its Twitter account shared a screenshot of the update received on his Huawei P20 Pro device. He also wrote that ”My Huawei P20 Pro is just getting the GPU Turbo Update”.


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