Xiaomi Mi A2 / Mi 6X Screen Protector

GadgetShieldz has launched full-body protectors for Mi A2 ahead of the device’s official launch in India. Xiaomi Mi A2 is a successor to last year’s Mi A1.

Mi A2 full body protection film is just 0.2 mm thin and will not alter the original sleek look of the device when applied. As the protector is virtually invisible after application, the entire device achieves an optically clear protection. The 5.99-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of Mi A2 can be seamlessly used with the GadgetShieldz protector on it and also the mobile’s 1080 x 2160 pixels vibrant screen will remain perfectly clear.

The full body clear protector provides added grip to the device without the film feeling sticky or tacky. The ultra-lightweight protector will not add bulk to the 166 g Mi A1.

“Leaving the new flagship Mi A2 mobile in the nude even for a day will make it prone to bumps and scratches and this is exactly why we have launched the screen guard for Mi A2 a little before its release in India. The screen protector’s unique feature lies in its self-healing property as it can take even the harshest possible scratches and self-heals itself,” said the company in a statement.

The precision engineered films are custom made to fit the Xiaomi Mi A2, giving a smooth and total access to all ports and buttons. The unique ultra-flexible properties in the film helps in covering the intricate curves and contours of the device which normal rigid screen guards cannot.


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