How to Root OnePlus 6 Without TWRP Recovery Through Magisk

OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 is the high-end flagship device and comes with OxygenOS skin, which is very close to the stock Android experience. Here we will talk about how to root OnePlus 6 without TWRP recovery through Magisk.

You can also root OnePlus 6 by installing TWRP recovery, but we’ll not talk about that here.

What is Rooting on Android?

In simple terms, rooting means making your smartphone capable of installing custom ROMs/kernels/mods, use root-enabled apps, install custom themes, hide root from apps like Pokemon Go and more.

The above-mentioned points can also be considered as the advantages of rooting a device but there are a couple of disadvantages too of rooting such as it bricks your device and can compromise your device security.

Root OnePlus 6 Without TWRP Recovery Using Magisk

Before proceeding further you need to checklist the following points:

  • Working Fastboot
  • Be on software OygenOS 5.1.5 | 5.1.6 | 5.1.7 | 5.1.8
  • Unlocked bootloader

For complete process and download links, you can visit the XDA Forum (source below). In the meantime, you can check out the video below to see all the process involved in rooting the OnePlus 6.


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