Leaving behind Apple Inc, Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies has become the second largest mobile company in the world after Samsung in Q2 2018. According to the report by Canalys, Huawei shipped around 54 million units of smartphones during the second quarter of the year.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), there were a total of 54.2 million units of mobiles shipped in the Q2 2018 by Huawei grabbing 15.8 per cent of the market share. On the other hand, Apple shipped around 54.2 million units of iPhones in Q2 2018 but only captured a 15.8 per cent market share.

“The continued growth of Huawei is impressive, to say the least, as is its ability to move into markets where, until recently, the brand was largely unknown,” Program Vice President with IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers Ryan Reith said adding, “It is worth noting that Apple moved into the top position each of the last two holiday quarters following its product refresh, so it’s likely we’ll see continued movement among the top-ranked companies in 2018 and beyond.”

Samsung retains the top position with a total of 71.5 million shipments of smartphones in Q2 and 20.9 per cent market share. Other Chinese smartphone vendors, Xiaomi and Oppo also performed well. Xiaomi as compared to last year’s smartphone shipment of 21.2 million units, in Q2 2018 it shipped 31.9 million units.

“The larger vendors face a high degree of uncertainty over the current trade situation with the US,” Mo Jia, research analyst at Canalys said.

“Increasing prices and maintaining market share in the face of a stronger U.S. dollar might be easy for a brand such as Huawei, but will be difficult for Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo,” Jia added.

Xiaomi is planning to expand its operation in more markets around the globe include the US, now it’ll be interesting to see the performance of this company from next year. Xiaomi has already gained the #1 position in the smartphone market in Inda.


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