Pixel Shortcuts

Some apps do not appear in the app drawer of a launcher and when you need them you’ve to dig into the device’s system settings. But now these apps are just a click away. Thanks to Pixel Shortcuts.

Pixel Shortcuts is a new Android app touted as a helper utility from Action Launcher team that lets you access apps already on your device that for whatever reason don’t appear in your launcher. For example, the Digital Wellbeing app which is the part of latest Android 9.0 Pie update.

This problem of certain apps no appearing on home screen or in the app drawer arises when you use third-party launchers such as Pixel Launcher, Android Launcher and Samsung Experience Home.

Pixel Shortcuts app

“Pixel Shortcuts provides complete freedom as to how you elect to launch these heretofore difficult to open apps. You can opt to have them permanently display in your launcher’s app drawer, or you may prefer to drag a one-time shortcut to a launcher home screen, either as an app shortcut or a typical launcher widget shortcut. The choice is entirely up to you,” Chris Lacy, a developer behind Action Launcher said.

You can download the Pixel Shortcuts app from the Play Store.